The Past as a Source for New Identities. How Architects and Politicians imposed History on the Building Activities in Turkey in the 19th and 20th Century

Research Seminar mit Zeynep Kuban


History of Architecture is often used as an approbation of the roots of a country or nation. Greece and Rome were the cradle for all Europe and Historicist approaches in the architectural production were typical in the 19th and also 20th century. The modernist movement brought new perceptions, but in and for countries like Turkey the question of identity and therefore the “outfit” of the architectural environment is still a debate. The question of “which past belongs to whom” is often emotional and since the past was created in a different political time and environment its selective approbation of modern nation states is problematic. Like the neoclassical architecture the modernist movement of architecture in Turkey was seen by the Turkish traditionalist and the European modernist architects as an unsuitable way of building. The lecture wants to trigger a discussion around this issue.

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Dienstag, 19. März 2019
11.00 Uhr

Zeynep Kuban

... is Professor at the Technical University Istanbul in History of Architecture. Fields of interest: The city of Istanbul itself, the notion and use of history in architecture, the mediation of the built historical environment to laypeople.