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Der historische Stadtplan von Neapel in der SLUB Dresden (1775) wurde 2016 im Auftrag der Bibliotheca Hertziana digitalisiert. Der aus 35 Kupfertafeln bestehende Plan (Maßstab ca. 1:3800) wurde digital zusammengesetzt und ist seit 2017 konsultierbar. Graphische Overlays erschließen die Legenden und sollen in Zukunft dazu dienen, weitere Inhalte zu erschließen (Guiden, Bildmaterial, Datenbank ZUCCARO).

Konzept:  Prof. Dr. Tanja Michalsky
Dr. Grit Heidemann-Schirmer
Entwicklung: Dr. Martin Raspe

Catalogo Illustrato delle Piante di Roma Online. The online catalogue of the historical maps of Rome has been in development since 2004. Many of the maps can be studied as a digital facsimile. The database system used is Filemaker. The complete database is deposited in ZUCCARO.

Concept, data gathering and development: Dr. Georg Schelbert

A portal for the historical topography of the City of Rome. Material and back-end are based on ZUCCARO; the interface is in the process of being expanded and redesigned (2011/12).

Development: Dr. Georg Schelbert

Vedute di Roma Online. A portal providing access to a collection of prints and drawings of buildings in Rome from the holdings of the Bibliotheca Hertziana (opened 2011). Images and data are also incorporated in ZUCCARO.

Concept and development: Dr. Georg Schelbert

Schedarium of the artists in Rome. Among the Bibliotheca Hertziana’s holdings of archival material are the notes on foreign artists working in Rome compiled by the German cultural historian Friedrich Noack (1858–1930). Largely written in an antiquated shorthand, the card index consists of 18,000 slips of paper. It was digitised in 2006 and indexed by artists’ names. The data are stored in an eXist database; the scans are accessible online.

Project director: Prof. Dr. Julian Kliemann (†) Contact: Dr. Susanne Kubersky-Piredda