Bibliotheca Hertziana

Here you can find all of the printed works of the Bibliotheca Hertziana available in digital format. It is possible to download the files as PDF or as TIF high resolution image file. The digital files allow to browse the content in an intuitive way, to navigate the indexes and to quote reference pages precisely. Part of the works use the toponyms of the city of Rome and the references according to Zuccaro, as used in the previous databases LUPA and Rara.

The Rara Viewer displays selected digitizations belonging to the Bibliotheca Hertziana and offers the possibility of utilizing DIGILIB zoom, searches for images and text elements in the index. It is linked to ZUCCARO.

Full text edition of: Otto Lehmann-Brockhaus, Abruzzen und Molise, Munich 1983, with a topographical index, a map display and dynamic linking of toponyms to KUBIKAT, the institute’s Photographic Collection, Google images, Flickr and Wikipedia.


Specialized portal for art historical research.

This catalogue of art history libraries worldwide is based on the database architecture of Worldcat. It is currently in construction.

Bibliography of art historical publications between 1975 and 2007.

Bibliography of art historical publications since 2008 (successor to the BHA).

General dictionary of artists. Successor to the Thieme-Becker. Not yet complete.

Our link leads to EBSCO, where the users can click on »EBSCOhost Research Databases« before selecting »Avery Index«.


»Resource Navigator«, the successor to Vlib, lists all resources available in the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and in the Bibliotheca Hertziana, yet it does not permit a parallel research in those resources.

Database Information System. The DBIS is a multidisciplinary data base which displays a group of research tools preselected for the Bibliotheca Hertziana.

Electronic Journal Library. This platform displays digitally available journals and informs the user about status and terms of access. It does not permit research within the journals.

Journal Storage. Licensed by the Bibliotheca Hertziana, this resource provides full text articles searchable by keywords (author, title, subject).

This licensed German digital journal archive is divided by subject areas and searchable by article titles, as well as elements from the full text. It also contains the »Römisches Jahrbuch der Bibliotheca Hertziana«.