Terms of Use


Before your first visit, please consult the conditions of admission to the Library and Photographic Collection, the terms of use and the opening hours.

Photographic Services

Much of the holdings of the Photographic Collection is drawn from public or private photographic archives. The copyright holder and the image source are listed on the back of the image and/or in the online catalogue. To order images, please consult the list of addresses of copyright holders available from the secretary of the Photographic Collection.

The Photographic Collection holds the copyright and negatives/digital images for ca. 125,000 images. They can be identified by any of the following markers »U.Pl.«, »U.Fi.«, »Rigamonti«, »D'Onofrio«, »bhim« and can be ordered directly from the secretary of the Photographic Collection.

Orders can be placed Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Exceptions: The Photographic Collection does not hold the copyright to photographs of architectural drawings, illuminated manuscripts and copyrighted works in private collections, even if the photographs are labelled »U.Fi.« or »U.Pl.«.

Photocopies and low-resolution PDFs of all images for research or private study alone can be ordered at cost from the help desk. Please note that we cannot take orders by mail.