Dr. Vladimir Ivanovici


ivanovici(at)biblhertz.it+39 0669 993-330

Vladimir Ivanovici studied ancient history and archaeology at the University of Bucharest and the Freie Universität Berlin. He obtained a doctorate in ancient history from the University of Bucharest (2011) with a thesis on early Christian martyrs as living images of Christ. In 2014 he obtained a second doctoral degree, in art history, from the Accademia di architettura Mendrisio for a research on the theophanic dimension of Late Ancient Christian architecture in the upper-Adriatic area. He had research grants for Thessaloniki and Rome. His work explores the various manners in which the divine manifested in Late Antiquity, paying particular attention to the relevance of the living body as theophanic medium. Intersecting the study of cultic architecture and art with the anthropological views of various religions, his research seeks to identify the artifices through which the divine was materialised in the period. 
Vladimir Ivanovici currently teaches at the Accademia di architettura Mendrisio on the manipulation of perception through architecture in the ancient and medieval period.

Research interests

‑ the perception of the body in the ancient and late ancient world
‑ the perception of religious artefacts
‑ the staging of transformative rituals
‑ decorative and constructive techniques used to manipulate perception

Research Project
Constructing Iconicity in Early Medieval Rome. Bishops and Emperors

Publikationen (OPAC-Recherche)

Selected publications

Manipulating theophany: Light and ritual in north-Adriatic architecture (ca. 400- ca. 800), Berlin

Edited volumes:
with Daniela Mondini (eds.), Manipulating Light in Premodern Times. Architectural, Artistic, and Philosophical Aspects, Cinisello Balsamo‑Milano 2014. 

»Luce renobatus: Speculations on the Placement and Importance of Lights in Ravenna’s Neonian Baptistery«, in Manipulating Light in Premodern Times. Architectural, Artistic, and Philosophical Aspects, ed. by D. Mondini, V. Ivanovici, Cinisello Balsamo‑Milano 2014, pp. 18–29.
»Capturing Light in Late Antique Ravenna. A New Interpretation of the Archbishops’ Chapel«, Zograf, (37) 2013, pp. 17–22.
»Windows and Church Space in Early Medieval Byzantium and West«, in Byzantium, Russia and Europe. Meeting and Construction of Worlds, ed. by Ivan Foletti, Brno 2013, pp. 38–47.
»Competing Paradoxes: Martyrs and the Spread of Christianity Revisited«, Studia Patristica, LXII (2013), pp. 231–44.