Leonardo Impett, M.A.

Digital Humanities Scientist
Abteilung Weddigen

impett(at)biblhertz.it+39 0669 993-292

Read Engineering (B.A., M.Eng) - Biological and Artificial Intelligence - at the University of Cambridge, 2011-2015, with scholarships from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Institution of Engineering Technology. Research Intern, then Visiting Researcher, at the RAINBOW Graphics and Interaction laboratory, Computer Lab, University of Cambridge 2013-2017. Research Intern with Microsoft Research, in deep neural networks for image aesthetics, 2014. Nanoscience (bio- & nano-technology) IARU program at the University of Tokyo, 2013, with scholarships from Santander and the Japan Student Services Organization. Worked in several projects on musical interaction, funded by e.g. Arts Council England and Boeing, towards performances at IRCAM (Paris), the Royal Opera House (London), Re-New (Copenhagen), Villa Strozzi (Florence). Scientific Assistant at the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Summer 2018. Digital Humanities Fellow at Villa I Tatti, Florence, Fall 2018.
Teaching in digital humanities, computer vision for art history, mathematics, computer graphics, critical computing and visual computing. Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (EU-recognised Professional Engineer under directive 2005/36/EC), and Associate Researcher of the Orpheus Institute for Artistic Research in Music.

Display Device including a Backlight Assembly (2012).
Impett, L. & Leak, P. WO Patent 2012010906. Filed worldwide.

Research Interests

- Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision in Art History
- Aby Warburg's Bilderatlas and the Pathosformel
- Critical Technical Practice / Artistic Research
- Gesture in Art & Psycholinguistics
- Ways of Machine Seeing


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