Nicole Coffineau


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Nicole Coffineau studies the history of photography at the University of Pittsburgh, where she has been a doctoral candidate in the history of art and architecture department since 2016. She is writing her dissertation on photography in Italy before 1913 under the advisement of Josh Ellenbogen. The dissertation discusses scientific photography and collection and archiving practices after the Risorgimento, as well as the use of photography within the founding polemics of the artistic avant-garde. In 2015, Nicole Coffineau received her MA degree from the University of Pittsburgh for her thesis, "Alessandro Pavia's 'Album dei Mille' as a Collection and as an Archive", which traces the production of the album and the modes of viewership involved in the establishment of post-unification identity that it deploys. Nicole received her first MA degree in the Humanities from the University of Chicago in 2011 for her thesis, "Psycho Ethics: Douglas Gordon and Social-Technic Perception", under the advisement of Patrick Jagoda. This thesis explores Gordon's video works from the 1990s in the context of contemporary media theory. In 2008, Coffineau received her BA in Art History from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University.

Research project

Motion in Stillness: Photography, Modernity, and the Avant-Garde in Italy, 1860—1913


"Alessandro Pavia's 'Album dei Mille': Collection, Archive, and National Identity during the Italian Risorgimento", History of Photography, vol. 41 (2017).

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"Reflections on UPRISING #38", in Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism, ed. Nicole Garneau, Bristol 2018.